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Hiroki Ishiguro (HIROKI ISHIGURO) / green flash [CD]

Hiroki Ishiguro (HIROKI ISHIGURO) / green flash [CD]

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number: 22040301
format: CDs
country: JAPAN
label: Nippon Crown
year: 2001
media(A/B): NEW
sleeve: NEW
cat.number: CRCI-20511 

The CD released in 2001 by pianist and composer Hiroki Ishiguro, who participated in the compilation "Heisei No Oto (Japanese Left-Field Pop From The CD Age, 1989-1996)" released by Music From Memory, has arrived. !

There are soothing new age tracks such as "Sand dust", a mellow new age track with transparent electric piano, jazzy guitar and Hammond organ, and "Nocturnal rendezvous" and "Something incident", which are impressive new age fusion with emotional piano. Many are recorded!
Some of you may have heard the songs used in the Sunday morning TV program "Imperial Family". Released in 2001. [JAPANESE] [NEW AGE]

Below, from the official site

Green Flash...
It's a momentary brilliance filled with mystery...
Just before the sun sets on the horizon, there is a moment when the setting sun gives off a flash of "green" for a moment.
This phenomenon is called a "green flash".
A momentary glow that can only be seen very rarely under various weather conditions...
Those who see this will "awaken to true love"
"Couples seen together are bound forever"
Legends such as "You can grab happiness for the rest of your life" have been passed down around the world.
This mysterious moment "Green Flash"
You can experience it through this album.