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CELLOPHANE / gimme love

CELLOPHANE / gimme love

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number: 21120804
format: 12 EPs
country: ITALY
label: Best Record Italy
year: 2017
media(A/B): NEW
sleeve: NEW
cat.number: BST-X014

Cult Italo Disco!
An Italian electronics duo consisting of GIORGIO PAGANINI, who is in charge of drums and programming, and ALESSANDRO NOVAGA, a synthesizer player and a famous Italo disco producer.

A cult electro disco with a fully open vocoder produced at the time as the theme song for the disco Cellophane Club in Rimini, Italy!
The original edition is extremely difficult to obtain, so this is a happy reissue edition!
Released from Best Record Italy with no mistakes in Italo Disco recurrence! Released in 2017. [REISSUE] [ITALO DISCO]