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ART FINE / dark silence

ART FINE / dark silence

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number: 21122404
format: 12 EPs
country: USA
label: Dark Entries
year: 2014
media(A/B): NEW
sleeve: The shield is opened for EX shop audition.
cat.number: DE-065

Cult Italo disco regular reissue!
A regular reissue of the rare Italo disco edition released in 1985 by Italian duo ART FINE by FABRICE BELLINI in charge of electronics and vocals and RUSH BLAKEMANN in charge of guitar and synthesizer!
A melancholic emo Italo disco with impressive synth sounds!

It is a regular reissue board that has been remastered from the trusted Dark Entries! Released in 2014. [REISSUE] [ITALO DISCO]