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LENA PLATONOS / lepidoptera

LENA PLATONOS / lepidoptera

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number: 21122408
format: LPs
country: USA
label: Dark Entries ‎
year: 2018
media(A/B): NEW
sleeve: NEW
cat.number: DE-212

Greek cult electronics regular reissue!
A regular reissue of the cult record released in 1986 by Lena Platonos, a pioneer of the Greek electronics music scene.

A delightful remastered reissue of the unknown Greek electronics that perfectly matches the electronics sound that combines experimental and fantasy with Lena Platonos' profound vocals.
Released from the reliable Dark Entries, which energetically reissues the works of LENA PLATONOS. Released in 2018. [GREECE] [REISSUE] [EXPERIMENTAL] [ELECTRONICS]