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Kannoushiki / Cosmic Sea

Kannoushiki / Cosmic Sea

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number: 22122105
format: 12 EPs
country: JAPAN
label: Takashimashuzo Co., Ltd.
year: 2022
media(A/B): NEW
sleeve: NEW
cat.number: -

From Numazu! Japanese Balearic!
Takashima Sake Brewery, a sake brewery in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, has started a label!

The first one is a three-piece group sensitive single by Doramaru (guitar, synthesizer), Yama ganga yuji (percussion) from Today You, Tomorrow Me, led by CEO Kanesha and DJ Kazuko Takashima!
It is said that it was produced with the valerian feeling and club youth of Numazu City, the port town where the three live, in mind. Both sides of the jam track "Geronimo" with percussion and guitar and Hammond organ are wonderful!
Ltd.200 Copy! Released in 2022. [JAPANESE] [DISCO DUB] [BALEARIC]

A-SIDE Cosmic Sea LISTEN (Open in New Window)

B-SIDE Geronimo LISTEN (Open in New Window)